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3104 Cherry Palm Dr. Suite 220 & 230, Tampa, FL 33619



Imperial Press Direct / Blog (Page 4)

This one will be different but I am going to attempt to bring “Food for thought” using simple doors, windows, and walls.  A door is any means of approach, admittance, or access from one place to another, while a window is a visible transparent barrier used to view or display objects located outside of our current location. This makes the next one interesting…a wall is a permanent upright construction having a length much greater than the thickness...

“You won’t become prosperous until you…” David Villa You are sitting there right now asking what the difference is between the two, and if different how is one a bad thing? I’m glad you asked… Let’s take a closer look at both words: Significant is defined as sufficiently great! Not bad, however it tells me that anyone at anytime can be significant. You can be great [significant] for an hour each day, or a day each...

Ignite (first things first)   We place a lot of emphasis on closing and finishing strong. It makes sense as these are many times the most defined and visible parts of any selling process. However it is interesting when you think about how neither would be necessary or even possible if it weren’t for what preceded. Let me explain it this way; look at the biggest month/week you’ve experienced in sales. You can almost always trace the ending...