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3104 Cherry Palm Dr. Suite 220 & 230, Tampa, FL 33619



Imperial Press Direct / Blog (Page 3)

Why your lack of knowledge sets you up for failure! I see article after article talking about how automotive SEO vendors are screwing dealerships. I also see tons of articles on how not to get "screwed" and the right questions to ask. The problem I see with these articles are that they are extremely basic. It could be because the authors have minimal knowledge on the subject or because they are trying to cover their butts in some...

I have often said that “where we want to be is in direct proportion to what we do with where we are now”.  This statement in my personal life and career has proven to be so very true and once realized has been a catalyst. So much of life if not purposed is spent “on the sidelines” looking into the game being played all around us on a daily basis changing and shifting in spite of...

It was early in the morning still dark outside…I was wide awake thinking about my day and like they often do ideas began to fill my thoughts. I reached and grabbed my phone and started sending myself reminders and emails of the ideas while they were fresh and clear in my mind not wanting to forget even the smallest detail. I decided to text my father a question about something I was supposed help him with...

I am going to equate the sales process to flying an airplane. Too many times we focus on the "in air" process. That's right! We put so much of our attention on the presentation and though it is important, not enough emphasis is placed on the opening and the close. This results in lower closing ratios and missed opportunities. I think we would all agree that there are some great pilots out there, but all too...

It’s been just over two decades now since dropping out of community college my first year in. I was a young 19 year old new to responsibility and id dint know what in the world I would do in life. After stumbling in and out meaningless jobs I met the girl of my dreams and we quickly married and immediately started a family. Sounds like wisdom right? It was at this point a 21 year old...