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3104 Cherry Palm Dr. Suite 220 & 230, Tampa, FL 33619



If you do not at least have a mild obsession with your passion, perhaps it isn’t your true passion. If you take a look at the life of anyone who has ever reached greatness, you will notice an obsession on some level. When I think of an individual who displayed the importance of obsessing over their passion, I think of Arnold Schwarzenegger. While his story of going from a world-champion bodybuilding to an award-winning actor is...

With a business of your own to run and lead, it is often difficult to find the time necessary in order to create solid content for your clients and business. There are simply too few hours in the day to get everything accomplished that you feel needs to be accomplished, or so it feels like. This is a stress that is all too common for myself as well, but it is all something that we will...

This past July, I took on what was probably the most challenging and time-consuming experience of writing my first complete book. Lead or Be Lunch: The Power of Earning Influence was my way of getting out the tools of the trade that I have picked up in my time as a leader and trainer of people. I feel like I have a lot of knowledge and experience and felt compelled to share this with others, and...

The new year has arrived. As such, with January and February comes a prosperous, if not chaotic time for the automotive industry: tax season. Yes, tax season is a time in which there will be an influx of consumers with a newfound down payment. Tax season is a rush for dealerships across the nation. The hours are long. Salespeople are running around the lot all day long, and, love it or hate it, you will make...

If you want to achieve greatness, you will first need a team to propel you there. Getting the right people on your team and understanding each of their specialized expertise is essential. Your team is important and so are their ideas; this is what leveraging creative collaboration is all about. Today, the biggest breakthroughs happen when people with a collective vision join together and share ideas, information, and work. Most top CEOs don't do all the work...